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User Management Service

The User Management Service allows users to be invited to organizations and granted individual permissions.

  • Unlimited number of organizations
  • Role-based permission management
  • Granular permissions at the dashboard or device level
  • Simple invitation with overview of all users

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Comprehensive user, role and permission management with the User Management Service

The User Management Service is a Core Smart Service. It can be used by all users.

With the Smart Service it is possible to invite users to a organization and assign them a specific role. Permissions across the individual Smart Services on the IIoT platform are defined by said roles.

Currently there are three different default roles in the User Management Service – the Admin role, the Editor role and the Viewer role.

Assigning and changing roles of different users is done in such a way, as well as the rest of, that it will only take you a few moments to create a well-positioned organization.

Share knowledge and access

Knowledge is like happiness – it gets bigger when you share it. According to this standard, access to different areas of can be granted by simple invitations via email or link. Free of charge and efficient.

With the User Management Service, you can conveniently invite as many users as you want to your organization and assign them one of three default roles. This way, your login data always remains your own and you don’t have to worry about data privacy.

User-feedback leads to a better User Management Service
User-feedback leads to a better User Management Service
Proficloud - User Management Service - New Invitation Step with higher usability - FI

Data security through restricted access

Thanks to the three different default roles that the User Management Service already holds for you, it is very easy to assign the Viewer role to a specific user group. With this role, users are not able to perform critical functions.

Allow only the actions that are needed for specific tasks – no more. This will give your colleagues and employees more security when using Don’t worry about accidentally changing important settings – with the appropriate roles, the colleagues who need these rights will be empowered, other colleagues you can help by only granting them the rights to view items – just as you need!

Make your IIoT platform users can always be members of different organizations. So you can prepare and hand over organizations for yourself or for partners.

With the User Management Service and the options that come with it, you can customize to fit your needs exactly. Build a small network of colleagues who regularly look at the IIoT platform to draw insights from the collected data – without worrying about sharing your login credentials, for example, and of course without any IT knowledge.

User Management Service is now available
User Management Service is now available

User Management Service description

Invite your colleagues to your account

Use the invitation feature to share your organization with other colleagues or partners – privacy compliant.

People with your own domain will be notified directly by e-mail, people with another domain (e.g. partners or customers) can be invited with a link created especially for you.

Thus, the process to use invitations meets the highest data protection standards.

Role and rights management provides three default roles to distribute and set access rights.

With the Admin role, you can grant users all the access they need to, for example, invite others, sign up for paid subscriptions, or make critical changes to Smart Services.

With the Editor role, you can grant users partially restricted access that they need, for example, to invite additional people or to modify elements in Smart Services (e.g., perform firmware updates).

The Viewer role allows you to grant users the limited access they need to access Smart Services, which only allows them to view data but not make changes.

Be part of more organizations

Depending on the use case, it makes sense for you as a user to be in different, autonomously functioning organizations. This allows you to create a “sandbox” organization in the simplest case, with which you can easily test new concepts.

Of course, you can also prepare organizations for customers or partners, register devices and create dashboards – offering your customer or partner an even easier entry into the world of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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The User Management Service s a free Smart Service on

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