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The industrial cloud for companies with no or limited IT resources IIoT Platform

The industrial cloud for companies with no or limited IT resources IIoT Platform: The industrial cloud for companies with no or limited IT resources is a Plug and Play IIoT platform that empowers small and mid-sized companies having no own or only limited IT resources to easily connect their devices to a cloud infrastructure. The goal? Use the full scope of advantages of Smart Services to unleash the full potential of your business! 

Maximum simplicity, maximum transparency 

Thanks to intuitive web interfaces and dashboards, offers maximum simplicity when using the cloud platform. Registration only takes a few minutes and no previous (IT) knowledge is required to use the platform. Moreover, the Service Store offers – thanks to well-known web-shop features – full transparency on functionalities and pricing models when booking Smart Services. All of this is integrated in a highly available cloud environment that always complies with the highest security standards available. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself! 

Do you want to benefit from IIoT, but you are currently facing these challenges?

Challenge 1: No own or limited IT infrastructure

This is how we support you: is a plug-and-play IIoT platform. This means, you do not need any own IT infrastructure to use Smart Services. Just register on and benefit from a secure and highly available cloud environment. Connecting your devices is easy and will just take a few minutes. 

Challenge 2: Digitalization is great, but cloud is too big for us!

This is how we support you: provides an IT infrastructure, ready-to-use and tailored to your needs. Smart Services that run on are standardized and scalable cloud services for industrial environments. This means, adapts to your requirements – so you do not need to worry about storage or computing capacities. Moreover, the use of the IIoT platform as such is free of charge. You only pay for the Smart Services – just decide for the right pricing package. No implementation costs, no binding contracts. 

Challenge 3: No time or limited IT skills  

This is how we support you: Usually, you need to have a broad knowledge of IT to digitalize processes. is especially designed for users with no IT skills or users who simply have no time to care about complex IT migrations. users can rely on easy and highly available services in order to focus on their core business – finally! 

Want to become an expert on Industrial IoT? Not only in theory, but in practice? 

Service Store

Simple and easy: Book Smart Services via our intuitive web shop – the Service Store. Inform yourself on pricing models and core functionalities. 


Get to know what and Smart Services are about: Learn in free and easy-to-understand e-learnings how enables you to access value added digital services for your daily business. 

Get in touch with us!

Are you interested in Smart Services Powered by Please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments, just send us a message to inbox[at] and we will answer as soon as possible. 

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