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An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform connects systems, people, and machines to optimize and accelerate your manufacturing processes.

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IIoT for an intelligent network of devices

Make faster decisions, maximize your revenue, and discover new business models by aggregating real-time data from your plants into a centralized environment. is the ticket to Industrial IoT for small and medium-sized companies with no or limited IT-resources.

Definition of IIoT

Figure 1 - Hardware to Proficloud connection

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that transfer data without any human-to-human interaction. The devices mainly communicate via gateways that filter data and transmit it to other devices or software applications. IoT follows the Industry 4.0 principles that focus on data automation, smart technology, and interconnectivity.

Industrial IoT is a subset of IoT and refers specifically to technologies applied in industrial activities. You connect hardware such as machines, smart sensors, and actuators. Then you collect, monitor, and analyze industrial performance data in real time. In this way, it is the main driving factor for digital transformation.

Advantages of IIoT

Industrial IoT boosts productivity and reduces costs across the whole value chain. You eliminate bottlenecks in manufacturing and optimize maintenance work because you always know what’s going on. You can predict errors, intervene early and prevent machine downtime. Furthermore, it is possible to develop new business models such as Products-as-a-Service. And the best thing is:

IIoT is scalable. You can start quickly by doing pilot projects. Later, you extend your solutions and adapt them to future requirements. Thus, Industrial IoT is the key for success in digital transformation and optimization.

Industrial IoT boosts productivity and reduces costs across the whole value chain.

Phoenix Contact Hardware and visualized data in the background with all the Smart Service

Smart Services

With our Smart Services you can take back control of your maintenance and operations. Our Smart Services are independent software applications that ensure the intelligence of your network.

Take advantage of standardized, application-independent device information in real time through the Device Management Service. Access and monitor data anytime anywhere with the Times Series Data Service. The world’s first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection, Impulse Analytics Service, will guarantee your systems’ health. And the EMMA Service is your solution for smart energy management.

Advantages of

Maximum simplicity, maximum transparency: is the industrial cloud for companies with no or limited IT resources. You only pay for the Smart Services you need. We give you the hardware and computing capacities so that you can focus on your business goals: Optimizing processes, improving quality, and reducing costs. IIoT does not have to be complex if you’re an SME! GDPR-compliant servers in Frankfurt (Germany) and TLS encryption also guarantee data protection and data security. You always retain data sovereignty.

  • Easy setup (Ready-to-Run)
  • Easy to use (intuitive UI)
  • Adapts to your requirements
  • Secure
  • No implementation costs, no binding contracts
Advantages of

Getting started with IIoT using

The first steps into IIoT are easy and quickly done. You can connect hardware either directly or through gateways to the platform. There are no costs involved for your first tests!

  1. Create a free
  2. Register your smart device on
  3. Connect the device with settings in the WBM
  4. Make use of the free Smart Services of
  5. Make use of the Service Store and explore even more Smart Services

IoT use cases

The challenges and our solutions summarized


Smart Services from Phoenix Contact are so-called fully “managed services”. This means, there is no need for technical knowledge in order to operate them. They are as easy to use as your online e-mail account. Basically, everyone can use them thanks to the easy-to-handle IoT-platform, which is web-based, and Smart Services that can be booked in the intuitive Service Store.

Security is operated in a certified environment and has a higher degree of security than most on-premise data centers. Just let us know if you require more detailed information.


Most of our Smart Services offer a free trial, so you can just give it a try without any risk.  Thanks to our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, there is no investment needed. Neither in IT infrastructure, nor in IT skills. You only pay for what you consume. In case you do not need further device data and want to stop the monitoring, just delete your account

Scaling is easy to use and the onboarding can be done in minutes. Start with a small use case to get to know the benefits and then – thanks to our flexible platform – you can grow your use cases without even thinking about scaling problems (this will be handled automatically by our platform