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Solutions for transparent energy consumption monitoring

Control energy consumption and derive new EnPIs from it

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Solutions for transparent energy monitoring

The possibility of cost savings requires expert knowledge. For effective expert knowledge, you need a monitoring solution for energy consumption and generation. In addition to the required hardware, Phoenix Contact also offers you the monitoring and evaluation options with With our Smart Services in interaction with Phoenix Contact energy measuring devices, new EnPIs can be derived, controlled and costs permanently optimized.

With the hardware in interaction with the Smart Services from Phoenix Contact, companies can see exactly where optimization potentials lie. Changes can be measured and documented – with our Smart Services.

Hendrik Schramm, Product Owner Phoenix Contact Smart Business

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Collect energy data

Before it comes to visualization or even analysis, data must be collected. With the hardware from Phoenix Contact, several options can be implemented for incorporating energy measuring devices into existing systems.

The data collected for this purpose and ideally sent to an IIoT platform can be connected natively or through gateways. Encrypted and secure at all times.

Visualize energy data

Collected data is the first step towards understanding and tangible expert knowledge. This step is followed by the visualization of the data, because this turns masses of data into small, easily understandable data morsels.

With the right visualizations, data becomes comprehensible, so that, for example, major consumers or deviations can be discovered.

Analyze energy data

Visualized data allows conclusions to be drawn. Even with a relatively unspectacular representation of data in a graph, you can find out if energy consumption is increasing without an obvious reason. Often, a comparison of time periods is sufficient.

When companies discover these anomalies, they can react accordingly.

Take actions based on energy data monitoring

Decide what steps you want to take next. Make these decisions based on the data you have previously analyzed.

Repeat & success monitoring

After you have derived and implemented measures, you can easily check the success of your measures with an energy management system and adjust measures if necessary.

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