Smart Services: Take back control of your maintenance and operations!

Perfectly integrated cloud services for the smart way to industrial automation

Smart Services are easy-to-run, standardized and scalable cloud services for industrial environments that empower small and mid-sized companies to manage their operations and maintenance processes as efficient as possible. 

Reduce manual and redundant work steps with remote monitoring across devices and locations. Increase the availability of your systems thanks to early error detection and automatic alerts. Make better, data-based decisions and gain full transparency on the status of your systems – at any time, from any location.

Are you facing these challenges?

Challenge 1: Operations and maintenance is time consuming and redundant 

This is how we support you: Smart Services offer easy and efficient remote monitoring. View the status of your device from anywhere, at any time, schedule maintenance tasks and have the full control of your devices. Save time by reducing manual working steps thanks to one centralized view on the data of all your devices. And finally: Save real money by optimizing workflows through data-driven decisions and an improved workforce planning.  

Challenge 2: Reactive operations and maintenance costs us a lot of money

This is how we support you: Smart Services offer a wide range of functionalities from intuitive visualizations on the state-of-health of your devices towards automatic alerts. Smart Services reveal unused potential, support you in early error detection and lay the foundation for predictive analytics. Benefit from digitalization and manage your processes as efficient as possible! 

Challenge 3: Digitizing processes offer a lot of advantages, but integration of hardware and software is too complex

This is how we support you: Smart Services are simple. Simple because they are standardized and scalable SaaS-solutions that can be customized to your individual needs. Connecting your device to the cloud to use the Smart Service will just take you a few clicks. No IT skills needed – perfectly integrated cloud services for your smart way to industrial automation! 

Smart Services: Take back control of your maintenance and operations!