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The future looks bright - with trees and real estate: Update in the EMMA Service

The future looks bright – with trees and real estate: Update in the EMMA Service

It's time for something new again, our team responsible for the EMMA Service thought, and has released a new update for the Smart Service on In update 1.10, the Smart Service offers many new features, nested metering points, new summation features, and much more that has been requested by customers - because that's how good development works, based on user feedback and current requirements. > Find out more here
Featured Image - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - Optimization of usability and focus mode

Interruption-free work or: “Focus mode” available

In addition to new features that are regularly published on, our UI/UX designers and usability-enthusiastic colleagues are particularly happy when usability can be increased. This involves, for example, general improvements to the usability of the platform. > Find out more here
Mirko Rose - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - The value of a good software architecture

Article about the value of a good software architecture by Mirko Rose in A&D

The slogans "Software is eating the world" and "Business must innovate faster" have accompanied the economy for more than ten years. In order to continue to adapt consistently high-quality software to the constantly changing requirements here and to deliver it reliably, good software architectures are needed. > Find out more here Your ticket to Industrial IoT

Device groups > Example group > Devices

Maximum simplicity, maximum transparency: the industrial cloud for companies with no or limited IT resources is a Plug and Play IIoT platform that empowers small and mid-sized companies having no own or only limited IT resources to easily connect their devices to a cloud infrastructure. The goal? Use the full scope of advantages of Smart Services to unleash the full potential of your business!

Operations and maintenance: Are you facing these challenges in your daily business?

  • Monitoring and tracking all your devices costs you a disproportionate amount of time – every single day!  
  • Monitoring and tracking all your devices and locations is often non-transparent – decisions for maintenance is usually based on your personal experience and sometimes also “best guess” 
  • Necessary maintenance steps are often noticed too late and then cause unnecessary downtimes and high costs – proactive workflows are nearly impossible 
  • You are still looking for a solution on how to benefit from Industrial IoT? How to digitalize processes – but in an easy way, at reasonable costs? And, despite having no own or limited IT skills and resources? Despite the fact that your daily business already keeps you busy? 
  • And finally: You are always bond to your devices. Your holidays and weekends are full of unpredictable events, because you and your team are the ones to fix the problems

Then empower yourself to take back control of your operations and maintenance! Smart Services powered by are especially designed for smaller and medium-sized companies to benefit from the full scope of digitalization – even with no own or limited IT resources. Explore today!

10 Reasons why you should get to know Smart Services Powered by

The Device Management Service on is one of the core smart services on
  1. Reduce redundant workflows
  2. Reduce downtimes
  3. Increase availability 
  4. Rely on data-driven decisions 
  5. Get full transparency on real-time data for status and monitoring
  6. Lay the foundation for predictive analytics
  7. Benefit from intuitive dashboards and data visualization
  8. Save real money by optimizing processes
  9. Be part of digitalization (even with no own or limited IT resources!)
  10. or in short: Take back control of maintenance and operations! 

Behind the Scenes: Phoenix Contact Smart Business GmbH

We are the centre of excellence at Phoenix Contact for cloud services and data analytics in industrial automation. We love to create use case-oriented Smart Services to empower small and medium-sized companies to take full advantage of digitization and Industrial IoT. Our goal: Maximum simplicity, maximum transparency.  

Get in touch with us!

Are you interested in Smart Services Powered by Please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments, just send us a message to inbox[at] and we will answer as soon as possible.