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User Guiding in the EMMA Service

User Guiding in the EMMA Service

Our User Guiding is of course also available in the EMMA Service. The content of the guides is also divided into Overview Guides and Interactive Guides.

Overview Guides in the EMMA Service

In the overview guides, the user is given a brief explanation of the user interface and shown where which action can be performed.

Interactive Guides in the EMMA Service

In the Interactive Guides, the user is taken “by the hand” and guided through the most important actions in the Smart Service. In the EMMA Service, these include creating dashboards, importing and exporting external data and much more.

Available at any time, so open the guides.

All guides can be opened via the small button labeled “Guides and FAQs” on the right side of the screen.

Try the guides directly on in the Smart Service!

Note: You need to be logged in first to use the User Guides.