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Usability Improvement for the User Management Service – Collaboration has never been easier

Proficloud - User Management Service - New Invitation Step with higher usability - FI

The User Management Service once again comes up with an innovation – this time in the area of usability. We have collected feedback and adapted the Smart Service accordingly.

A few months ago, we introduced the RBAC (Ressource Based Access Control → Devices or e.g. Dashboards) feature, which makes it possible to grant users access to specific devices. The accesses are of course controlled by the roles, so users with the Viewer role can only see a certain number of devices.

We have significantly improved the invitation process so that users can now select which devices the invitee should have access to in the invitation dialog. This is supported by a search function and the Select all visible devices feature – Faster to a better result and better collaboration among colleagues.