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Technical article: Managing machines and plants more easily

Anton Schönenberg is leading one of our innovation teams and wrote a very interesting and insightful article that was published by Elektrotechnik Automatisierung recently.

Replace components prior to standstill

“Looking at vibration sensors allows conclusions to be drawn about the condition of both bearings and moving parts. In this way, components can be replaced before a costly shutdown occurs. For this purpose, industrial PCs are usually installed in the machines, offering sufficient computing power and memory to operate digital services. The user then receives information and analyses as a visual display directly at the machine or in the company network. The system is completed by the integration of cloud services so that the evaluation results are available everywhere. This means that not only local measurements and events can be used as a basis for data, but also the worldwide data of machines of the same build. In addition, machine manufacturers can identify at an early stage when recurring problems arise with certain components.”


The original article is in German but we suggest everyone to read it and benefit from all the insights: