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Article about the value of a good software architecture by Mirko Rose in A&D

Mirko Rose - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - The value of a good software architecture 03

A rapid market launch of new functionalities with simultaneous high quality places special demands on software development. The evolvability of a software proves to be optimal when the implementation effort of a feature is always the same regardless of the time of request. An evolving architecture strengthens the innovation potential of a company because it can react quickly to new challenges.

The slogans “Software is eating the world” and “Business must innovate faster” have accompanied the economy for more than ten years. In order to continue to adapt consistently high-quality software to the constantly changing requirements here and to deliver it reliably, good software architectures are needed. Internal qualities – for example, high maintainability – which are first encountered by the developers of the software, have a significant influence on a fast time-to-market. The internal quality of the software architecture therefore represents the key to companies keeping pace with change and operating successfully in the long term.

Read the full (german) article on page 53-55 here:

Mirko Rose - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud

Mirko Rose, Software Architect & Technical Consultant
More than 15 years professionally creating software. Technical responsible for the big architectural decision on and helping our teams with technical questions around their own services.

“Each new customer brings in new perspectives and their own specific requirements. So adaption of the software is really important. Building evolvable architectures supporting this constant change and seeing that this works out well is a great pleasure for me a Phoenix Contact Smart Business.”