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Article about IIoT platform offers SaaS – energy monitoring over time by Florian Jacob on

Florian Jacob - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - Energy monitoring over time

It is becoming increasingly urgent for companies to develop concepts to become more energy efficient and sustainable. In addition to environmental and climate protection and legal requirements, the cost reduction factor is playing a more decisive role than ever before.

Companies that strive to use energy efficiently reduce their operating costs through the use of intelligent software, recognize the consumption patterns of their production machines or material bottlenecks, and can then react quickly by initiating measures to optimize their processes. By improving energy consumption and use, companies can reduce their financial outlay to become more profitable. From an environmental and social perspective alone, it proves important to advocate for a sustainable and responsible future. Two practical examples show what such a commitment can look like.

Read the full (german) article here:

Florian Jacob - Phoenix Contact Smart Business -

Florian Jacob, Product Owner & UI/UX Designer
Responsible for the Time Series Data Service and the Device Management Service as Product Owner and UI/UX Designer. As UI/UX designer I also support our other teams (concept and design) and put Smart Services through their paces.

“Watching customers find their way into the world of the Industrial Internet of Things and use our Smart Services is exciting and educational – new experiences are immediately packaged and put into requirements for our Smart Services. This is how we are constantly getting better.”