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From Sensor to Cloud

Connectivity and data analysis for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

All Smart Services on Macs in a row

Unlock the Power of Your Machine Data with Our Smart Services

You may not yet realize the untapped potential that lies within your machine data, especially as a small of medium-sized company with no or limited IT resources. This guide helps you see the possibilities if you could harness the valuable insights hidden in your production processes.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

In today’s fast-paced business environment, real-time information is crucial for making informed decisions. With our Smart Services, you can monitor your machines and processes in real time, giving you a comprehensive view of your operations. Read the guide to learn how.

Your guide for your journey from Sensor to Cloud

What you will learn from this guide

  1. What is data | And why should every company care about its machine data?
  2. Sensors | You can only manage what you measure first.
  3. Data transmission | Through cable and air – and in one language
  4. 12 Facts | Data security and privacy with
  5. Turning data into good decisions | The Smart Services from
  6. Plan a data project
The picture shows a brochure entitled "From the Sensor to the Cloud" lying on a desk.

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