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Why does my PLCnext Controller stays offline?

After the activation of Services in the WBM my PLCnext Controller stays offline. This can have several reasons. 

The PLCnext Controller was not added to your account 

The device can only establish a connection to the, if it was added to an account before. 

The PLCnext Controller does not have Internet connection 

To make sure that your controller is connected to the internet, please check the network configuration.

  1. Login to WBM of your PLCnext Controller 
  2. Open Configuration -> Network
  3. Check that the IP address, Subnetmask, Default Gateway and DNS is setup correctly for your network 
  4. To verify the internet connection, please open Configuration -> PLCnext Store and check whether the “PLCnext Store Status” says reachable

The PLCnext Controller does not have the correct time setup 

The clock of the PLCnext Controller needs to be set to correct UTC time. This is required for certificate validation and correct TSD timestamping.

The PLCnext Controller has an expired or invalid token (only Firmware < 2021.6) 

If the device was connected to some other account before or if the token was reset in the cloud, you need to remove the old token from your device.

  1. Establish a SSH connection to your PLCnext Controller (Putty is a useful tool for this) 
  2. Enter the following command “nano /opt/plcnext/projects/Default/Services/ProfiCloudV3/ProfiCloudV3.config” 
  3. Search for the variable “deviceToken” 
  4. Delete the content of this variable 
  5. Press ctrl + c, the storing dialog will pop up 
  6. Enter y and press enter 
  7. Now you can reset the token in the cloud by clicking on the “Reset Token” button
  8. After a restart of the PLCnext Controller the connection should be established