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Some services, such as the device management service can be used free of charge. Other services, including the Time Series Data Service allow customers to use a specific amount of metrics free of charge, so you stay independent while seeing if the Smart Service is what you are really looking for.

Cloud pricing ist often complicated, but that’s not the case for We always make sure to offer payment models, which are easy to understand, enabling our customers to always understand their true costs. With this model, we naturally offer you suitable packages, so that you have maximum freedom in cost calculation and can rely on the exact costs incurred.

In other services (e.g. ImpulseAnalytics) you only pay per device for one year. This is based on the business model, which was developed especially for this service and offers the user an easy way to calculate the costs.

As soon as you book a service, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail, as well as a booking confirmation within You can use the booked service directly after the booking. You will receive a separate e-mail with the conditions (taxes, legal framework) from Phoenix Contact that apply to you.

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