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Support Request

How do I receive an answer?

When you send us a support request via the contact form, we automatically create a ticket in our support system that is then quickly processed by our staff. You will receive the answer by mail and you can also reply to this mail if you have any questions. As soon… 

How do I upload a screenshot?

Our system accepts normal JPG or PNG images up to 3 MB in size. You can upload up to three images at the end of the contact form, which will be automatically added to your support case. To do this, simply click on “Select file” and navigate to the corresponding… 

How do I create a Screenshot?

Screenshots help us to better understand the problem. There are different ways to create screenshots. Screenshots with Mac Hold down these three keys simultaneously: Shift, Command and 4. Select the desired area of the screen for the photo by dragging the crosshairs. If you want to move the selection, hold down… 

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